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Invertebrate dry weight data in various locations, mostly within the LEF at El VerdeLUQ LTER
Richardson, Michael J.
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) litterbag invertebrate counts and weights dataRichardson, Barbara A.
Litter invertebrate communities at different elevations in the LEFRichardson, Barbara A.
1994 Earthworm Survey at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI (1994 to 1994)Penn State University
Smith, Richard
Total numbers per square meter and taxa of insects taken during a survey of headwater streams in the Toolik Lake region during the summer of 2001, Arctic LTER 2001.Huryn, Alex
SBC LTER: Reef: Long-term experiment: Kelp removal: Invertebrate and algal densitySanta Barbara Coastal LTER
Reed, Daniel C
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Canopy invertebrate responses to disturbanceSchowalter, Timothy D.
Heliconia fluid and organic matter analysesRichardson, Barbara A.
Canopy invertebrate responses to Hurricane HugoSchowalter, Timothy D.
Calculated abundances for krill, salp and species of zooplankton. Data collected aboard cruises off the coast of the Western Antarctic Penninsula, 1993 - 2004.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
Ross, Robin

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