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McMurdo Dry Valleys Streamflow and hyporheic thermal regimes influence on hyporheic storage and exchange at Von Guerard Stream, 2006Cozzetto, Karen
Rio Icacos hyporheic and riparian chemistryMcDowell, William H.
Surface and hyporheic water chemistry of the Tanana RiverBonanza Creek LTER
Clilverd, Hannah M
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
McMurdo Dry Valleys Huey Creek streamflow routing and subsurface water flow, 2006USGS
Koch, Joshua
Stream stage and water table elevation in hyporheic and ground water from McRae Ck well network, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1989-1993Andrews Forest LTER Site
Wondzell, Steven M.
Stream tracer experiments to assess channel and hyporheic residence times of streams in the Andrews Experimental Forest in 2001 & 2002Andrews Forest LTER Site
Wondzell, Steven M.
Stream and hyporheic carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements in a headwater catchment, Watershed 1, and throughout Lookout Creek watershed at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, July 2013 to July 2014Andrews Forest LTER Site
Dosch, Nicholas T.
McMurdo Dry Valleys Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dynamics in Green Creek, January 1995. Field and Modeling dataUSGS
University of Colorado
Runkel, Robert
McKnight, Diane
Whole stream metabolism (I8 Inlet, I8 Outlet; Peat Inlet; Kuparuk): Changing seasonality of Arctic stream systems projectBowden, William "Breck"
Carbon Dynamics in the Hyporheic Zone of a Headwater Mountain Stream in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon – Watershed 1 at HJA – June 2013 to March 2014Andrews Forest LTER Site
Corson-Rikert, Hayley

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