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Effect of plant density and light availability on leaf damage in Manilkara bidentataAngulo, Maria del Pilar
Arabidopsis Tolerance to herbivory: Arabidopsis BioCON evolutionary studyTiffin, Peter
Lespedeza herbivory census: Arabidopsis BioCON evolutionary studyTiffin, Peter
Climate Change Across Seasons Experiment (CCASE) Sapling Study at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Herbivory Damage and Snow DepthBoston University
University of New Hampshire
Templer, Pamela
Sanders-DeMott, Rebecca
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) litterbag invertebrate counts and weights dataRichardson, Barbara A.
Soil Ammonium and Nitrate rates in and out of the Moose Exclosures on the Tanana River Floodplain , Fall 2001Bonanza Creek LTER
Kielland, Knut
Experimental Understory Food Web data in the El Verde area of the Luquillo Experimental ForestKlawinski, Paul
Invertebrate dry weight data in various locations, mostly within the LEF at El VerdeLUQ LTER
Richardson, Michael J.
Consequences of aspen leaf miner outbreak for plant performanceBonanza Creek LTER
Wagner, Diane
Doak, Patricia
Data describing how four different levels of induced plant defenses change cannibalism among larval lepidopterans and alter consumption of plant tissue by larval lepidopterans.University of Wisconsin
Orrock, John
Connolly, Brian
Kitchen, Anthony

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