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Timber Harvesting Study in North Quabbin Region of Central Massachusetts 1984-2001Kittredge, David
Foster, David
Moose Foraging in Temperate Forests of Central Massachusetts 2005Faison, Edward
Foster, David
Quantitative Pit Soil Carbon and Nitrogen on Watershed 5 at the Hubbard Brook Expermental Forest, 1983-1998Environmental Defense Fund
Syracuse University
University of New Hampshire
Hamburg, Steven
Johnson, Chris
Vadeboncoeur, Matt
Community and Ecosystem Impacts in Hemlock Removal Experiment at Harvard Forest since 2003Orwig, David
Foster, David
Plant cover in precipitation and nitrogen treatment plots (by species)Sala, Osvaldo
Reichmann, Lara
East-West C3-C4 Grassland Biomass Fertilizer Plots in a Chihuahuan Desert Grassland at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (1989-1992)Gosz, James
Timber Harvesting Field Study in Western Massachusetts 2004-2005Kittredge, David
Foster, David
McDonald, Robert
Sevilleta LTER Vegetation Sample Catalog- Ground Samples for Chemical Analysis (2000-present)Moore, Douglas I.
Baker, Stephanie
Point-Quarter Harvested Plant Weight Measurements to Estimate Shrub ANPP in a Chihuahuan Desert Creosote Shrubland at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico (2007- present)Muldavin, Esteban
Moore, Douglas I.
Above- and belowground biomass of S. patens in elevational marsh planter experimentsPlum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Morris, Jim
Sundberg, Karen

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