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Database of Geographic Information: Change in groundwater level, Central Arizona-Phoenix,1985-2000Arizona Department of Water Resources
Groundwater Wells on Metompkin and Smith Islands, VA 2012-2014Day, Frank
Porter, John
Buck, Chris
Regional E-Atlas of the Greater Phoenix Region: Areas of significant agricultural and residential groundwater use, 1996-2000Arizona Department of Water Resources
North Temperate Lakes LTER: Groundwater Levels 1984 - currentUniversity of Wisconsin
Lead PI, NTL
Magnuson, John
Carpenter, Stephen
Stanley, Emily
Groundwater chemistry in the riparian zone of Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed, Alaska, 2003Bonanza Creek LTER
O'Donnell, Jonathan A.
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Groundwater and surface water phosphorus concentrations, Everglades National Park (FCE), South Florida for June, July, August and November 2003Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
Price, Rene
Groundwater Levels at Phillips Creek Marsh, VA 2012-2017Blum, Linda
Christian, Robert
Groundwater well data on Hog Island, Virginia Coastal Barrier Islands, 1990-2007Day, Frank
Isotopic signatures of deuterium in natural waters in Green Lakes Valley.Davinroy, Tom
WSC - Soil moisture, temperature, and water potential at Wibu field siteUniversity of Wisconsin
Zipper, Samuel
Booth, Eric
Loheide, Steven

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