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Cecropia growth at El Verde gapsBrokaw, Nickolas
Disturbance legacies and resilience simulation using an individual-based forest landscape model on the Andrews Experimental ForestSeidl, Rupert
Del 13C-CO2 of in situ soil respiration post tracer additionBonanza Creek LTER
McFarland, Jack W.
National Phenology Network tree phenology: Phenology, the timing of biological events such as bud break, plant flowering times and bird migrationMontgomery, Rebecca
Quantitative Pit Soil Carbon and Nitrogen on Watershed 5 at the Hubbard Brook Expermental Forest, 1983-1998Environmental Defense Fund
Syracuse University
University of New Hampshire
Hamburg, Steven
Johnson, Chris
Vadeboncoeur, Matt
Gradient throughfall (thrufall) collection at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory from 1992 to 1997Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
USDA Forest Service
Miniat, Chelcy Ford
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Walking Stick DataUniversity of Connecticut
Willig, Michael R.
Ferns surveys of individuals of terrestrial ferns in Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) plots document changes in species richness and abundance over time in response to canopy opening and/or debris depositionSharpe, Joanne M.
Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Snail dataUniversity of Connecticut
Willig, Michael R.
Landslide Removal Experiment vegetation cover and pole touchesWalker, Lawrence R.

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