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Allochthonous Nutrients in the Sarracenia Microecosystem at Harvard Forest 2005-2007Ellison, Aaron
Gotelli, Nicholas
Modeling Foundation Species in Food WebsEllison, Aaron
Decomposition Dynamics in the Sarracenia Purpurea Microecosystem at Harvard Forest 2010Baiser, Benjamin
Ellison, Aaron
Food Web Isotope Study at North Temperate Lakes LTER 2004 - 2010University of Wisconsin
Carpenter, Stephen
Hansen, Gretchen
Rusak, James
Solomon, Christopher
Vander Zanden, Jake
Weidel, Brian
Particulate organic carbon and nitrogen measurements from water column sample bottles, collected aboard Palmer LTER annual cruises off the Western Antarctic Peninsula, 1991 - 2012. Cruise PD94-01 not included in time series for lack of samplesPalmer Station Antarctica LTER
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Ducklow, Hugh
Vernet, Maria
Prezelin, Barbara
Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Uptake by Sarracenia Purpurea at Harvard Forest and Fort Albany ON 2007Karagatzides, Jim Demetrios
Ellison, Aaron
SBC LTER: Land Ocean Reef: Time series of Carbon, Nitogen and Hydrogen isotopes, ongoing since 2009Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Page, Henry Mark
Food Web of Sarracenia Purpurea in United States and Canada since 1999Ellison, Aaron
Gotelli, Nicholas
SBC LTER: Land Ocean Reef: Foodweb Stable Isotopes: Isotope dataSanta Barbara Coastal LTER
Page, Henry Mark
Stable isotope content (carbon, nitrogen) for epibenthic suspension feeders and Macrocyctis pyrifera at in the Santa Barbara Channel, 2010-2011Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Page, Henry Mark
Miller, Robert

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