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Model-derived backbarrier marsh width from GEOMBEST+ simulations of barrier island-marsh coupled evolution for a range of environmental conditions.Walters, David
Moore, Laura
Ecophysiology of Carnivorous Plants Worldwide 1980-2011Ellison, Aaron
Adamec, Lubomir
Seasonal patterns of gross N mineralization, respiration, and microbial biomass N in 3 alpine plant communities.Fisk, Melany
Frog spatial distribution data (El Verde + Bisley)Woolbright, Lawrence L.
Phrynus habitat selectionBloch, Christopher P.
Bisley Grid Habitat data 1994, 1999Willig, Michael R.
Community gardening in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona, March 2010: Aligning programs with perceptionsSchool of Human Evolution and Social Change
Bleasdale, Thomas
Synoptic soil respiration of permanent forest sites in the Andrews Experimental Forest (1993 REU Study)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Griffiths, Robert P.
Upper Midwest Great Lakes Region Citizen Secchi Data 1938 - 2012University of Wisconsin Madison
Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
Lottig, Noah
Wagner, Tyler
Henry, Emily
Webster, Katherine
Downing, John
Stow, Craig
LAGOS - Predicted and observed maximum depth values for lakes in a 17-state region of the U.S.University of Wisconsin
Michigan State University
Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Trinity College
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Oliver, Samantha
Soranno, Patricia
Fergus, C.
Wagner, Tyler
Webster, Katherine
Scott, Caren
Winslow, Luke
Downing, John
Stanley, Emily

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