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Contributing drainage areas - Parker and Ipswich Watersheds - ASCII Raster FileWater Systems Analysis Group, University of New Hampshire
Wollheim, Wilfred
Morphological study of tidal creeks on the Virginia Coast Reserve 1988Nuttle, William
NWC02 Stream Water Conductivity for the King's Creek Drainage Basin on Konza PrarieDodds, Walter
Stream Order for drainage to streams in the Ipswich or Parker River Network - ASCII Raster FileWater Systems Analysis Group, University of New Hampshire
Wollheim, Wilfred
Land Use and Forest Dynamics at Harvard Forest 1937-1995Foster, David
Motzkin, Glenn
20-Year Synthesis of Soil Respiration Data at Harvard Forest 1991-2008Davidson, Eric
Ellison, Aaron
Finzi, Adrien
Hadley, Julian
Melillo, Jerry
Munger, William
Ollinger, Scott
Tang, Jim
Varner, Ruth
Shrimp populations in Quebrada Prieta (Pools 0, 8, 9, 15) (El Verde)Crowl, Todd
Coweeta Synoptic Data from 49 sampling sites in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin from 2009 to 2010 (drainage area, slope, particle size data)Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research Program
University of Georgia
Jackson, C. Rhett
Landscape Position Project at North Temperate Lakes LTER: Lake Characteristics 1998 - 2000NTL LTER
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin
Greenfield, Ben
Hrabik, Thomas
Kratz, Timothy
Lewis, David
Pollard, Amina
Wilson, Karen
North Temperate Lakes LTER: Northern Highlands Stream Chemistry Survey 2006University of Wisconsin Madison
University of Wisconsin
Lottig, Noah
Stanley, Emily

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