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Organic matter and sand content for backbarrier marsh cores from Metompkin island, VA 2012Walters, David
Moore, Laura
Hog Island Soil Nutrient Data 1991-1992Day, Frank
physical and chemical information for soil cores from Imnavait watershed during 2003-2005Shaver, Gaius
Yano, Yuriko
Plant available NH4, NO3, and PO4 was determined at three site (LTER Toolik acidic and nonacidic tundra and Sagwon acidic tundra) and three community combinations (tussock, watertrack, and snowbed) Arctic LTER 1997.Gough, Laura
Nitrogen mineralization was determined on Arctic LTERToolik and Sag River tussock tundra using the buried bag method, Toolik Field Station, Alaska, Arctic LTER 1989-2013.Shaver, Gaius
Soil data for cores from a transect from the center of the BBC collapse scar into the surrounding burnBonanza Creek LTER
Myers-Smith, Isla
Martinelli slope Oribatid mites.Elias, Scott
Above- and Below-Ground Biomass and Canopy Height of Seagrass in Hog Island Bay, VA 2007-2013McGlathery, Karen
Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus content in the seasonally thawed soils are described for four arctic tundra vegetation types located near the Toolik Field Station, Arctic LTER 1993.Nadelhoffer, Knute
Giblin, Anne
Vibracore and Tree Stump Data from the Marsh Near Mary Hammock, McIntosh County, GAGeorgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
University of Georgia
Turck, John A.

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