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GPS Locations of Seagrass Sites in Hog Island Bay, VA 2010McGlathery, Karen
Parramore Island of the Virginia Coast Reserve Permanent Plot Coordinates: UTM (NAD83/GRS80) zone 18 2002Richardson, David
Parramore Island of the Virginia Coast Reserve Permanent Plot Baseline Data : Plot Coordinates 1992-1993Richardson, David
Shugart, Hank
Porter, John
Biodiversity - Fauna - Soil Fauna - Species ListCary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Szlavecz, Kathy
Digital Elevation Model - 30 Meter Digital Elevation Model of Gwynns Falls WatershedCary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
Groffman, Peter
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest Rain Gages: GIS Shapefile2016knb-lter-hbr.100.2
McMurdo Dry Valleys Stream Gage and Outlet LocationsUniversity of Colorado
McKnight, Diane
Gooseff, Michael
High Resolution LiDAR Elevation Data for Hog Island, VA May 2013Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Project
Transportation Complaints, Baltimore City, 02/2001Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
O'Neil-Dunne, Jarlath
Stewardship Mapping And Assessment Project (STEW-MAP)Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies
Romolini, Michele

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