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CBH01 Konza Prairie Bison Herd InformationBriggs, John
CBD01 Date of occurence for bird species observed on Konza PrairieBoyle, Alice
CBN01 Records of breeding activities for birds on KonzaSandercock, Brett
CSA02 Soil Macroarthropod Densities and Biomass on annually burned and unburned watershedsBlair, John
Study of Salt Marsh Consumer Diversity and Ecosystem Function on Sapelo Island, Georgia, from May-December 2011Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
Duke University
Silliman, Brian R.
Stable isotopes of M. mercenaria and plant sources on the Virginia CoastPace, Michael
Hondula, Kelly
Large consumer isotope values, Shark River Slough, Everglades National Park (FCE LTER), May 2005 to PresentFlorida International University, BBC, MSB 250A
Florida International University, BBC, MSB 334
Heithaus, Michael
Matich, Philip
Rosenblatt, Adam
SBC LTER: Land Ocean Reef: Foodweb Stable Isotopes: Isotope dataSanta Barbara Coastal LTER
Page, Henry Mark
CBC01 Weekly record of bird species observed on Konza PrairieBoyle, Alice
Trophic transfer of Everglades marsh consumer biomass to Everglades Estuaries (FCE), Everglades National Park, South Florida from December 2010 to PresentFlorida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
Rehage, Jennifer

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