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Tracer Experiment Stream ChemistryLyons, W. Berry
McKnight, Diane
Regional E-Atlas of the Greater Phoenix Region: PM10 concentration in Greater Phoenix areaArizona Department of Environmental Quality
Heliconia fluid and organic matter analysesRichardson, Barbara A.
Water quality monitoring on the Altamaha River and major tributaries from September 2000 through November 2001Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project
University of Georgia
Hollibaugh, James T.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) pigment analysis from rosette bottle samples at various depths from CCE LTER process cruises in the California Current System, 2006 and 2008 (ongoing).California Current Ecosystem LTER
Goericke, Ralf
Average yearly sea ice coverage for the PAL LTER region West of the Antarctic Peninsula derived from passive microwave satellite, 1978 - 2016.Palmer Station Antarctica LTER
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder
Stammerjohn, Sharon
McMurdo Dry Valleys Stream Chemistry and Ion ConcentrationsOhio State University
Lyons, Berry
Welch, Kathleen
Regional E-Atlas of the Greater Phoenix Region: Estimated concentrations of ozone in the Greater Phoenix area, July 26, 1996.ASU Enviromental Fluid Dynamics Program
Leelanau Conservancy Lakes Program, 1990-2011Department of Civil and Enivornmental Engineering, University of Michigan
Leelanau Conservancy
Canale, Raymond
Wolfe, Yarrow
Nitrate uptake estimates phytoplankton incorporation of dissolved NO3- at selected depths from CCE LTER process cruises in the California Current System, 2011 – 2016 (ongoing).California Current Ecosystem LTER
Stukel, Mike

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