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Fungal community structure associated with experimentally outplanted white spruce seedlings and the closest Salix and Betula nana shrubs, Toolik Lake, AK.Bonanza Creek LTER
Hewitt, Rebecca Eliza
Hobbie, Sarah E.
Effects of urban horticulture on insect pollinator community structure, central Arizona Phoenix: site locationsTexas Tech University
McIntyre, Nancy E.
Effects of urban horticulture on insect pollinator community structure in the central Arizona-Phoenix areaTexas Tech University
McIntyre, Nancy E.
McMurdo Dry Valleys Stream Transects - Soil MoistureColorado State University
Wall, Diana
SBC LTER: Santa Cruz Island: Abundance of giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera)Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Schmitt, Russell J
Holbrook, Sally J
SBC LTER: Reef: Community structure and productivity of subtidal turf and foliose algal assemblages at Naples Reef, 2006Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Miller, Robert J
Reed, Daniel C
Brzezinski, Mark Allen
Heliconia invertebrate countsRichardson, Barbara A.
Heliconia collection dataRichardson, Barbara A.
MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Long-term Community Dynamics: Backreef (Lagoon) Corals Annual Survey, ongoing since 2005Moorea Coral Reef LTER
Edmunds, Peter
Structure of Ant Communities in Declining Hemlock Stands at Harvard Forest 2003Ellison, Aaron
Gotelli, Nicholas

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