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Continuous Revegetation Survey Data, Watershed 5, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, 1984 - 1989Dept. Of Natural Resources, Cornell University
Fahey, Tim
Specific Leaf Area in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest 2012Williams, Christopher
Regeneration Following Clearcutting Study at Harvard Forest since 1991O'Keefe, John
Litterfall in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest 2012Williams, Christopher
Leaf Gas Exchange in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest 2010-2012Williams, Christopher
Stream discharge in gauged watersheds at the South Umpqua Experimental Forest, Coyote Creek, 1963 to 1981 and 2001 to presentRothacher, Jack S.
Historical Plat Maps of Dane County Digitized and Converted to GIS (1962-2005)University of Wisonsin
Anderson, Kathryn
Eddy Covariance and Meteorological Data in the Clearcut Site at Harvard Forest since 2009Williams, Christopher
Chronic Nitrogen Amendment Experiment at Harvard Forest since 1988Frey, Serita
Ollinger, Scott
Soil Moisture and vegetation cover patterns after logging and burning an old-growth Douglas-fir forest in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1960-1983Andrews Forest LTER Site
Rothacher, Jack S.

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