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Bryophyte Species at Harvard Forest 1994Motzkin, Glenn
Wilson, Paul
Biodiversity Lists from a Southwest Michigan Landscape at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI2016knb-lter-kbs.22.23
Land Use and Forest Dynamics at Harvard Forest 1937-2013Foster, David
Motzkin, Glenn
Riparian bryophyte list of the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1994/1995Andrews Forest LTER Site
Jonsson, Bengt Gunnar
Moss point transect data for the Kuparuk River near Toolik Field Station, Alaska 1993-current.Bowden, William "Breck"
Aboveground Standing Crop Biomass:Nutrient Network A cross-site investigation of bottom-up control over herbaceous plant community dynamics and ecosystem functionSeabloom, Eric
Percent species cover from 14 flux canopy and 19 point frame 1m x 1m plots sampled near the shrub LTER sites at Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summer 2012.Shaver, Gaius
Substrate and cover types on the stream bottom determined by point transects for streams near the Toolik Field Station, Alaska, for 2010.Bowden, William "Breck"
Epiphyte species list of Watershed 10, Andrews Experimental Forest, 1970 to 1972Andrews Forest LTER Site
Carroll, George C.
Vascular plant species list, Skip Walker's Toolik Lake permanent plot species data, Toolik Lake Field Station, North Slope, AK Arctic LTER 1989.Walker, Donald

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