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BNZ Stream Flow Data for submission to EcoTrendsBonanza Creek LTER
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
McGuire, A. David
GIS file of permafrost distribution in Caribou-Poker Creeks Research WatershedBonanza Creek LTER
Chapin, F. Stuart
Hollingsworth, Jamie
North Temperate Lakes LTER Yahara Lakes District Lake WatershedsUniversity of Wisconsin
Booth, Eric
In situ Denitrification Rates in the Riparian Zone of Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed, Alaska, 2002 - 2004Bonanza Creek LTER
O'Donnell, Jonathan A.
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Leaf leachate chemistry and uptake metrics in headwater streams July 2015Bonanza Creek LTER
Mutschlecner, Audrey
Harms, Tamara
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Guerard, Jennifer
Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed: Water and streambed temperature, 1994Bonanza Creek LTER
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Hinzman, Larry D.
Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed: Daily Flow Rates for C2, C3, C4Bonanza Creek LTER
Van Cleve, Keith
Chapin, F.S. Stuart
Ruess, Roger W.
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Groundwater chemistry in the riparian zone of Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed, Alaska, 2003Bonanza Creek LTER
O'Donnell, Jonathan A.
Jones, Jeremy Boyd
Annual bedload accumulation from sediment basin surveys in small gauged watersheds in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1957 to presentAndrews Forest LTER Site
Rothacher, Jack S.
Seagrass Epiphyte Accumulation: Epiphyte Loads on Thalassia testudinum in Rabbit Key Basin, Florida Bay (FCE) from March 2000 to April 2001Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
Frankovich, Thomas

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