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Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) Litter decomposition and Connectivity basket dataNRS, USDA Forest Service
Lodge, Jean
Fungi of the Greater AntillesLodge, Jean
Interactions between plants and fungi and their roles in decay rates and CO2 release in five tropical leaf speciesSantana, Mirna
Mycorrhizal belowground fungi species list of the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1992 to 1994Smith, Jane E.
Observational study of post-fire mycorrhizal communities associated with resprouting Betula nana shrubs across a fire-severity gradient in the Anaktuvuk River Fire burn scar, 2009Bonanza Creek LTER
Hewitt, Rebecca
Disturbance effects on soil processes in the Andrews Experimental Forest (1995 Stand Age Study)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Griffiths, Robert P.
The relationship between early succession rates and soil properties in the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1999-2000Griffiths, Robert P.
Wood to Soil 0-10 cm data and Wood to Soil 10-20 cm data to detect the imprint of decaying logs (30-80 cm diameter) from two hurricane cohorts (Hugo, 1989, and Georges, 1998)Lodge, D.
Long-term log decay experiments at the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1985 to 2185Andrews Forest LTER Site
Harmon, Mark E.
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