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1992-93 Parramore Island, VA Permanent Plot Baseline Data : Site DataRichardson, David
Porter, John
Knutsen, Johann
D., Frank
Faust, Ed
Hog Island Bay Nutrient Data at the Virginia Coast Reserve 2001-2002Anderson, Iris
Kozak, Amber
McGlathery, Karen
Model-derived backbarrier marsh width from GEOMBEST+ simulations of barrier island-marsh coupled evolution for a range of environmental conditions.Walters, David
Moore, Laura
Groundwater Wells on Metompkin and Smith Islands, VA 2012-2014Day, Frank
Porter, John
Buck, Chris
Groundwater well data on Hog Island, Virginia Coastal Barrier Islands, 1990-2007Day, Frank
GIS layers for marsh extent, inlet tidal prism and watershed size on the Virginia Coast, 1851-2009Deaton, Charles
Hein, Christopher
Kirwan, Matthew
Specific Leaf Area for a chronosquence of Morella cerifera shrub thickets on Hog Island, VA, 2012Zinnert, Julie
Chlorophyll fluorescence, moisture and chloride content for Morella cerifera on Hog Island, VA, 2007Zinnert, Julie
Locations of Uniola paniculata on selected Virginia Barrier Islands, 2017Mullins, Elsemarie
Moore, Laura
Dune Biomass on Hog Island, Virginia Coastal Barrier Islands, 1993-2012Day, Frank

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