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Biodiversity Lists from a Southwest Michigan Landscape at the Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, MI2016knb-lter-kbs.22.23
Amphibian and reptile list of the Andrews Experimental Forest, 1975 to 1995Andrews Forest LTER Site
Beatty, Joseph J.
CAP LTER: long-term monitoring of herpetofauna along the Salt River in and near the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, ongoing since 2012Arizona State University
Bateman, Heather
Grimm, Nancy
Invertebrate dry weight data in various locations, mostly within the LEF at El VerdeLUQ LTER
Richardson, Michael J.
Frog abundance in fertilization plotsWoolbright, Lawrence L.
Monitoring Amphibians in the Declined Hemlocks at Harvard Forest 2013-2014Ellison, Aaron
Siddig, Ahmed
Frog spatial distribution data (El Verde + Bisley)Woolbright, Lawrence L.
Frog transect dataWoolbright, Lawrence L.
Frog grid data (Bisley)Woolbright, Lawrence L.
Pattern morphology for frogs captured at 9 locations in northeastern Puerto Rico over a 25-year period from 1978 to 2002Woolbright, Lawrence L.

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