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Regional E-Atlas of the Greater Phoenix Region: percentage of population admitted to hospitals and diagnosed with asthma for 1999Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Arizona Department of Health Services
CFCs and Radiatively Important Trace Species at Harvard Forest EMS Tower 1996-2005Wofsy, Steven
Gottlieb, Elaine
Three year average ozone concentrations within the central Arizona-Phoenix area, period 2003 to 2005Global Institute of Sustainability
Buyantuyev, Alexander
Phoenix Area Social Survey: 2006 and 2011 Joined DatasetArizona State University
Northeastern University
Larson, Kelli
Nation, Marcia
Hoffman, Jessica
Harlan, Sharon
The role of moss as integrators of soil and stream nutrient status in deserts, Greater Phoenix area, Arizona, 2011 to 2013Arizona State University, West campus
Ball, Becky
Hydrocarbon Concentrations at Harvard Forest EMS Tower 1992-2001Munger, William
Wofsy, Steven
Phoenix Area Social Survey (PASS): 2011Northeastern University
Arizona State University
Union of Concerned Scientists
University of Southern California
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Harlan, Sharon
Aggarwal, Rimjhim
Childers, Dan
Declet-Barreto, Juan
Earl, Stevan
Larson, Kelli
Nation, Marcia
Ruddell, Darren
Smith, Kerry
Warren, Paige
Wutich, Amber
York, Abigail
Concentrations and Surface Exchange of Air Pollutants at Harvard Forest EMS Tower since 1990Munger, William
Wofsy, Steven
Point-count bird censusing: bird abundance and diversity in CAP LTER Phoenix Area Social Survey neighborhoods throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, 2006-2016Arizona State University
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Childers, Dan
Warren, Paige
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