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Aboveground biomass of dune vegetation on the Hog Island chronosequence at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1993Day, Frank
Alaska Peatland Experiment: 2010-2011 Root Respiration Experiment Aboveground biomassBonanza Creek LTER
McConnell, Nicole A
AST01 Soil temperature measured in burned, burned-clipped, and unburned plots at Konza PrairieBriggs, John
Dune Biomass on Hog Island, Virginia Coastal Barrier Islands, 1993-2012Day, Frank
Aboveground net primary productivity data for saddle, south of saddle, and east of Tvan, 1982 - ongoing.Humphries, Hope
PBB02 Belowground Plot Experiment: Biomass and nutrient content of RhizomesRice, Charles
Zeglin, Lydia
PBB03 Belowground Plot Experiment: Belowground plot experiment: biomass and nutrient content of RootsRice, Charles
Zeglin, Lydia
Tree Growth and Above-Ground Biomass at Harvard Forest HEM and LPH Towers since 2001Orwig, David
Hadley, Julian
Aboveground biomass of Typha sp. at Upper Parker River brackish marsh site.Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Morris, Jim
Sundberg, Karen
Aboveground biomass data from control plots in a Spartina patens-dominated salt marsh at Law's Point, Rowley River, Plum Island Ecosystem, MA.Plum Island Ecosystems LTER Program
Morris, Jim
Sundberg, Karen

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