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A Study of Hyporheic Characteristics Along a Longitudinal Profile of Lookout Creek, Oregon, 2003Andrews Forest LTER Site
Ninnemann, Jeffery J.
Annual tree productivity in permanent plots within the H.J. Andrews Experimental ForestAndrews Forest LTER Site
Woolley, Travis J.
Epiphytic macrolichens in relation to forest management and topography in a western Oregon watershed, 1997-1999 (Berryman thesis)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Berryman, Shanti D.
Storm nutrient dynamics at Andrews Experimental Forest stream gages, 2001 to 2003Andrews Forest LTER Site
Johnson, Sherri L.
Nutrient Concentrations of Vegetation in Small Watersheds at H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, 2005 to 2006Andrews Forest LTER Site
Harmon, Mark E.
Terrestrial Insect Activity Phenology with trap collections at HJ AndrewsAndrews Forest LTER Site
Li, Judith L.
Stream nutrient sampling during winter baseflow conditions in the Andrews Forest and Willamette River Basin, February 2009Frentress, Jason J.B.
Soil respiration associated with ectomycorrhizal mats in an old-growth stand along lower Lookout Creek, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest (2008-2009)Andrews Forest LTER Site
Phillips, Claire
LiDAR data (August 2008) for the Andrews Experimental Forest and Willamette National Forest study areasAndrews Forest LTER Site
Spies, Thomas A.
Fine wood decay studies at the H.J. Andrews and other Forests across the world, 1989 to 2006Andrews Forest LTER Site
Harmon, Mark E.

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